Worship Service 
                                    9:00 AM 
Bible Study/Sunday School                10:00 AM

Worship  Service                                    7:00 PM

 Bible Study                                            8:00 PM

During the Advent and Lenten Seasons we offer special
midweek services on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM.


Like believers throughout the ages, members of St. Luke Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church come together to pray and sing praises to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to hear His Word read and explained, and to participate in the Sacraments which He instituted. St. Luke Lutheran Church practices a liturgical form of worship. This is the traditional style of worship in the Christian church. Use of this structured format creates a sense of oneness with other Christian churches. Liturgical worship developed as an oral means of helping the congregation learn and remember the message of Scripture.

The liturgy combines the reading of God's Word, Psalms, songs, scripture verses, and prayers. The recitation of Scripture helps worshipers memorize Scripture passages as well as reminding them of the Gospel message of God's forgiveness through the sufferings and death of His Son Jesus Christ. This allows young children or adults who cannot read an opportunity to participate in the worship service.

Liturgical worship serves to keep worshipers mindful of what God did for us rather than focusing on their own actions. The emphasis is on God's Word, not on our emotions.

The Sacraments include Baptism — both infant and adult (for those who have never been baptized) — and Holy Communion — the eating and drinking of consecrated bread and wine which are the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. St. Luke practices close or closed communion designed to protect those who have not learned the significance of this sacrament from eating and drinking to their damnation. 

Bible Information classes are offered regularly to share the Biblical teachings of the Lutheran Church with others so that they might join the members of St. Luke in true worship and participation in the sacraments.